Sunday, March 20, 2011


So I made it through round 1 of DABWAHA, but round 2 is even tougher: I'm up against Kate Elliott, mega-author. This is David and Goliath, folks, and I ain't Goliath.

Kate Elliott has written tons of books with beautiful covers. She has a fancy website with interesting articles. (Seriously, they are really interesting.) She has an author pic on the beach, for heavens' sake. So she's kind of amazing and I'm losing the vote right now. Okay, that's the extent of my trash-talking. Here's something she doesn't have. She doesn't have LOLbabyz.

Click here to vote for Song of Scarabaeus. Tell your friends! Do it now!

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Tez Miller said...

Toddlers with weapons - is there anything more frghtening? ;-)

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