Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Supernatural Underground giving away my book

I was supposed to blog at Supernatural Underground today (the blog for HarperCollins paranormal authors) but simply didn't have the time or inspiration with a 3-week-old to take care of. In my absence, Tracey O'Hara very kindly wrote a post about science fiction and is giving away a copy of Song of Scarabaeus:

Check out the comments on Tracey's post - it's wonderful to read so many positive and enthusiastic ravings about science fiction movies and TV shows. There's also a healthy dose of commiseration regarding the cancellation of Firefly. (Is there a support group?)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My other 2010 project

My debut novel was my first baby this year. On 8th June, my other creative endeavor made her appearance: presenting Sophie Ann.

2 days old, still a bit wrinkly

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Supernatural Underground launch

A bunch of us HarperCollins authors have got together with a blog and Facebook page (750 fans already!) to create Supernatural Underground. Today is launch day! Head over to the blog because during the month of June there are heaps of giveaways for lucky readers.

I'll be guest blogging on June 29th - okay, that's ages away but I picked that date because I'm crazybusy with eleven other things right now and wanted to give myself some time to think.

So do I actually write supernatural? Well, I don't write paranormal (the name usually given to this sub-genre), if that's defined as vampires and ghosts and witches. But a good deal of science fiction could be placed into the supernatural category - we SF writers take science ("nature") and twist it beyond ("super") its known limits.