Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Release day! The Kassa Gambit

Pretty much the first thing MCP and I did when we met was exchange manuscripts - mine was an early version of Song of Scarabaeus, his was the first novel in a fantasy trilogy. While I fell in love with his writing, I admit that fantasy is not really my thing. (At least it wasn't until Game of Thrones (the TV show), which really isn't that fantastical anyway.)

Evidently this discrepancy didn't hinder our relationship, especially as MCP is also a huge sci-fi fan. So he wrote me an adventure sci-fi book "where everything blows up on the first page", as he put it. The book was called Prudence Falling, which is the protagonist's name and I think a lovely evocative title, but Tor disagreed and it became The Kassa Gambit.

It's out today! - hardcover and ebook formats. MCP also has some blog interviews and posts coming up around the traps (includes updates I've made a few days later):

Links to buy the book are here on MC Planck's website.

Congratulations to my amazing man! xxx