Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Now here's a nice surprise: Song of Scarabaeus is a nominee in the 2011 DABWAHA Tournament. And it got there because readers put it there! DABWAHA is a showdown between 64 romance novels. There are 8 categories, each with 8 novels. One novel in each category is nominated by readers, the other 7 by Jane and Sarah of Dear Author and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. So first, a huge thank you to those who put me in the tournament - Song is in the "Crossover" category.

Secondly, there are simply oodles of prizes to be won, so get involved! Until 15th March you choose which book you think will get through to the next round, and you win stuff for being right. Then the books face off against each other in polls over the next few days, and you get to vote on your choice for Book of the Year.

To vote in the polls (after Tuesday night), go to the DABWAHA blog or click the link below, which is the icon I'm proudly displaying as a DABWAHA finalist.

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Congratulations. Your book is awesome.

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