Sunday, March 13, 2011

Zombies: I don't get it

Zombies: I don't get it. I don't get the appeal. I just understand why they're "it" right now. Is it because that's all that's left to explore in the monster-of-the-week Urban Fantasy/Paranormal genre?

I really don't get it.

That is all.


Mardel said...

I think Zombies are the one subgenre, or subject that I don't enjoy - unless they are the common enemy. I don't really understand the whole zombie romance thing. Yep - the zombie romance is out there now. Kind of squicky and gross.

I enjoy the occasional zombie movie, like Zombieland, but zombies are best taken in very small doses and even then, rarely.


Lexie said...

I'm rather irked that everyone suddenly loves them. On the one hand it means that my favorite creeper creature is getting more movies (bad and otherwise), books (ditto), etc (I wouldn't have The Walking Dead tv show if zombies weren't cool), but having spent two decades obsessively loving them more than any other paranormal creature...

Well its weird to see others getting excited over them XD

Sara Creasy said...

Lexie, but why do you love zombies? I'd really like to know. I'm not even sure they're that scary, except en masse, given how slowly they move and how dumb they are. Then again, I don't watch zombie movies because I don't like horror movies, so I must find them just a bit horrifying...

Lexie said...

Sara: hmm why I love Zombies. I'm honestly not sure how this love came to be. From a young age (3 years old) we watched horror movies (my brother and me) with our aunts. Every kind you could think of from A Nightmare on Elm Street to Sleep Away Camp. Classic, slasher, suspense/thriller, cheesy--we didn't much care.

The only one I ever requested to watch over and over was George Romero's Dawn Dawn of the Dead (in fact a prized possession of mine is a Barbie I modded to look like Francine from "Dawn of the Dead") and Zombie (one of my first instances of subtitling).

It just kind of grew with me as I got older. Nowadays its actually rather interesting because when I meet other 'Zombie' fans we'll sit down and talk about the different kinds of Zombies, or discuss the various effective (or ineffective, but hilariously fun) ways of handling the hordes.

They can be really horrifying. I still have the occasional reaction when I see a Zombie eating on a person. The vast variety out there however makes them a little more accessible though. I mean the dark comedy 'Fido' is technically about domesticated Zombies (its hilarious and has Carrie Ann Moss in it) and Mira Grant's Feed handles Zombies more as socio-political problem then a horror story.

hnn...I may have gotten a bit long-winded sorry about that :sheepish smile:

Sara Creasy said...

So it's an affinity for horror in general. Which means I'll never grow to love them, I'm afraid! It's curious that it's been meshed with the romance genre but as far as I know (??) there are no romance heroes or heroines who are zombies, are there? At least not the flesh-falling-off-the-bone type of zombie?

Dan said...

I'm not a big zombie fan, either, although I don't mind a good zombie story. The concept is very limiting.

I actually wrote a zombie novel for NaNo, but the zombies were individuals with personalities and desires. One of them was even involved in a romance.

I don't know if die hard zombie fans would even go for it. But I just couldn't write characters without, well, character.

Lexie said...

hnn it depends. The anthology 'Hungry For Your Love' has some stories that involve that kind (including several same sex stories), 'My Zombie Valentine' romance anthology had the zombies more as the plot device, not the characters. Bianca D'Arc's Zombie romances (Once Bitten Twice Dead, Dead Heat, etc) the characters are considered zombies only in that they died and came back again (though there are several variations of these fellows who are also dead come back and feast on the living, but Bianca is careful to point out that they have little to no intelligence).

The recent DAW anthology Zombiesque had a couple of stories that dealt with love (though they were not romance persay) and the Young adult series 'Generation Dead's premise is that 'love' (family, friendship, romantic) for the zombie teen gives them more humanity (these are not the shambling brain eaters kind persay, though there is some that they do go 'feral').

And the aforementioned Fido *is* of the shambling eat flesh variety, however much like with the Generation Dead Zombies the more consideration and affection you show towards them the more 'human like' they are (though they do need to eat raw meat like steaks and such).

Those are just what I remember off the top of my head. Hnn I'm sure there's other ones I missing however.

@Dan: Its hard to come by stories which are told from the zombie's pov (which is why I enjoyed Zombiesque despite the frustrating stories) honestly because many of the non 'romance' authors seem to either write them as monsters to be killed or overly humanize them to the point where they're no different from humans.

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