Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ideas and icicles

Well, I didn't make it through to round 3 of DABWAHA, but I'm astonished and grateful at such a respectable voting turnout! In the end, only two out of three people didn't vote for me - and when one is up against Kate Elliott, one clutches to one's heart (for dear life) every vote one gets. Thank you everyone!

Here's the kicker: I researched my opponent, as you do, aiming to rake through the dirt and uncover hidden secrets to use against her. Instead I became sidetracked - nay, fascinated - by her idea of icepunk, or "steampunk on ice" as she defines it (the subgenre of her DABWAHA book Cold Magic). So much so that I spent much of the day researching ice sculpting, glaciers and the Icelandic horse, and had no time left for dirt-raking and secret-uncovering.

And the far-future story that I was intending to set in a hot barren desert? It now seems sooo much more romantic and interesting set on a frozen plateau in a glacial age.

So thank you Kate for stirring my imagination with Cold Magic - and I haven't even read the book yet! (Just ordered it.)


Kate Elliott said...

Please write this. I'll totally read it. SONG is next on my TBR list.

Your baby is adorable. I just wanted to mention that I was also writing with infants/children, so: Go, you! (I know all about the juggling involved.)

Sara Creasy said...

Juggling is definitely the word. I need a support group, except that I don't have time to juggle that too. I don't know how anyone does it, but evidently it's possible.

I forgot to mention that the as-yet non-existent book I referred to also has steampunk elements, so I will proudly call it icepunk if and when I write it.

Enjoy my book!

Tez Miller said...

I don't care if that book doesn't exist yet - I love that FROSTBITE cover! And I'm not usually one for octopi ;-)

Kate Elliott said...

There must always be more icepunk!

re: juggling and support groups. I think I found a lot of writing support online in terms of people who were either writers with whom I could discuss writing, or people who were also juggling writing and parenting. Some days just having someone say, yes, it's hard but just stick with it, was enough to get me through.

Sam_Wiser said...

Agree with TeZMiller, that's an awesome cover. Book 2 in the series: "Gangrene"

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