Friday, March 11, 2011

Ask me anything!

With the release of Children of Scarabaeus less than three weeks away, my publicist at HarperCollins has been helping me line up some guest blogs and Q&As. I already have a few in the works, but if anyone would like me to appear on their blog, go ahead and ask me: I prefer Q&As/interviews or specific ideas for guest blogs, because truly I'm all out of creative juices when it comes to thinking up topics, but I'll give it a shot if you can't think of anything.

The creative juices for my book(s) on the other hand are flowing freely. New mothers are advised to "sleep when the baby sleeps", and I certainly need to do that, with exhaustion a constant battle these days (make that these past 18 months). But instead of napping I find myself thinking up more weird and wacky plot lines for my WIPs.

Anyway, don't forget you can read the first chapter of Children on my website!

Or you could just look at this cutie, who was 9 months old this week and is cutting her first top tooth. Hard to write with this clinging to your knee.


Mardel said...

She is cute, very cute. Teething is tough also, hang in there.

MCPlanck said...

She is too cute. I spend a lot of time on the floor, watching her put things in buckets and then take them out again.

And she hasn't even started talking yet!

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