Thursday, December 9, 2010

My other job

My other job... no, not being a mum, although that takes up more time than anything else I do... I work/telecommute part-time for an online 3D art company that sells 3D models to create images and animations - mostly aimed at hobbyists. The professional version of this you've seen in  movies like the underrated Final Fantasy, which is wholly computer generated, or Alvin and the Chipmunks, which combines CGI and live action in a fairly obvious way, unless you believe in talking chipmunk actors.

(The company is DAZ3D and its rendering software DAZ Studio is free, for anyone who's interested.)

Anyway, these days I have little time to render computer art, and in fact I just deleted (temporarily) the software from my PC because it was taking up so much room I couldn't defrag. But I thought I'd show off some of my work that's gathering cyberdust on my hard drive. These are random images from as far back as 2002, and don't relate directly to my writing. Click to enlarge.

I saw the movie Grey Lady Down in the 1970s, when I was probably too young because a certain scene has haunted me ever since. This is a sci-fi interpretation.

"Not Long Now"

"New England Cannibal"

"Pest Control"



Mardel said...

What a cool set of pictures. I like the one with all the hair flowing around her (Strike) and Pest Control the best - though they're all good.

Sara Creasy said...

Thanks. :) I think I should write a story around the Pest Control image. A futuristic bug exterminator... Hmm, ideas are forming even as I type...

Lynn August Linse said...

Can't comment on Daz3D, but for Poser probably 99% of my content is on an external drive (and is about 350GB now I think :)

Rendering is fun, but as you say takes a lot more time than we ever expect - I just get engrossed and 6 hours later I'm still at it.

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