Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chicken Licken was right

It was a dark and stormy  night... Well, afternoon, and neither dark nor stormy but what we English call "close" - overcast, humid, drizzling on and off, too cool to be classified as "muggy". Baby and dad were playing together and all was right with the world (except for the weather).

(She's always trying to walk but at 6 months old it's not quite working out yet.)

Just half an hour later, when they were still in almost the same spot... 

The sky fell in.

Scary stuff for any parent. That chunk of wet plasterboard on the left flew across the room and it was heavy. Now we have a 2 x 3-foot hole in the ceiling, a laundry full of washed-up toys and teddies, and a Man coming tomorrow to assess the damage. (MCP has a pic of the hole itself on his blog.)

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