Saturday, November 20, 2010

Riddick returns

This is old news but I'm so out of the loop that it's news to me. There's going to be a third Pitch Black movie. I'm very much looking forward to it, after being a bit disappointed with the second. As a standalone the Chronicles of Riddick worked pretty well, but it was so different in concept and feel from the first that it didn't fit at all. Pitch Black was a low-key near-future character movie with a low-tech feel - a band of crash survivors on a barren planet facing monsters that come out in the dark (including, perhaps, Riddick himself). The second movie had a sweeping saga feel with an evil galactic ruler, high-teck ships, "magic" and mythology... a grand universe that was not even hinted at in the first movie. Only the prison scenes felt like they belonged.

David Twohy, director of Pitch Black, is back for the third installment - I hope that's a good omen. Vin Diesel posted concept art on his Facebook page where the monsters look somewhat like dogs (shades of Alien 3?)


Mardel said...

A long time ago, I was able to watch the beginning of Pitch Black..but then I had to go to work. I never did get to see the whole thing, but I thought about it a few times, it apparently made an impression on me. I'd love to see the whole thing,and it'd be interesting to see this third one.

Sara Creasy said...

I definitely recommend watching the whole thing. After the first 20 minutes in the theatre I thought, "Uh-oh, it's going to be a stupid serial killer slasher flick." But it's nothing of the kind.

(Trivia: I got the name Zeke from this movie, although the characters are entirely different.)

Keith Stevenson said...

V cool. I saw the animated Dark Fury which fills in the gap between Pitch Black and Chronicles, but it was very short. I'd love to see more Pitch Black - especially as it looks like he's going to Furya. My son has played the video games too, which I think are grittier and more reminiscent of the first movie. I didn't warm to the second movie at first but it bears repeat viewing. The production design is amazing and the ending is terrific. Imagine Riddick in charge of that mob!

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