Thursday, November 18, 2010

One step closer... page proofs

Today I received (electronically this time) the page proofs of Children of Scarabaeus. I hope to put up a couple of chapters soon, so stand by if you've been waiting.

HarperCollins Eos has merged with its sister companies in the UK and AUS/NZ to create Harper Voyager -- Eos is no more, so this book will have a different logo on the spine. This greatly offends my sense of order and consistency, but the merge itself will be, I think, a good thing.

The book isn't easily available in Australia but a couple of online bookstores do have it (that is, will order it in). Yesterday I donated a copy to my local library in the hope that a few Melburnians each year will get the chance to read it, for as long as the paperback holds together. MCP (still jobless) and I are addicted to our library at the moment, with me raiding the board book section and him picking out the SF & F books from among the adult fiction (they're all mixed in together).


Mardel said...

I am really looking forward to reading The Children of Scarabeaus. Only one time I asked how to pronounce Scarabeaus..I was serious, I wonder how to pronounce it - could you spell it phonetically or does it sound very close to the way it's spelled already?

Anyway, I am looking forward to this second novel. I enjoyed the first novel very much.

Sara Creasy said...

It's SCA-ra-BAY-us.

This must be a first-time author mistake, I think, to choose a title that's both hard to pronounce and hard to spell!

Mardel said...

Thanks - I was pronouncing it different.

there are a lot of books with weird pronunciations/spellings. Usually in high fantasy, and I always tend to kind of skim over the words even in my own mind...which kind of bugs me. LOL

I was pronouncing your book Scare-a-bee-is; way off! :)
At least I know now, and I'm still looking forward to your second book. :)

Anonymous said...

Will be interesting :)

Haven't been watching your blog (or any RSS later), but over the holiday weekend I checked the B&N (Mall-of-America) and Borders (at busiest mall in Mpls MN) for your second book.

At least both had your first in stock, and at Borders you 'book-end' Michael Crichton, which can't be all bad.

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