Monday, October 11, 2010

Spring has sprung

Copyedited manuscript is reviewed, fiddled with, amended, sent off, and done with! Having had a good break from it for a few weeks, I rather enjoyed re-reading it (previously I was thoroughly sick of it).

Here in Melbourne it's finally warming up. I packed only short sleeves because I hadn't anticipated the cold, and while I've made do with borrowing my mum's clothes, baby Sophie hasn't been so lucky. The baby stores are all out of winter stock so she's been rotating the same three tops since we got here. The best thing about the weather - whether it's cold or merely cool - is that it's not so stinking hot we can't take her for walks every day. Walks are just not possible during the Tucson summer. And now she's old enough (4 months) to appreciate them.

A word about Facebook: I'm about to change my account to family only, as I've decided to use it to chat privately and keep up with far-flung relatives, while this blog is for chatting about writing.

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