Friday, October 22, 2010

Jungle jive

A few months ago I was sent Chris McGrath's amazing cover artwork for Children of Scarabaeus - I like it even more than the previous one. It's Finn and Edie in a jungle, and Finn has a big rifle. Yum.

The cover is now in HarperCollins's catalog and here it is for all to see...

Thanks Tez for the heads-up.


  1. Perfect! I cannot wait for this to come out!

  2. Oooh, me like. McGrath always does a wonderful job. That's actually how I found Song of Scarabaeus. I was looking at his gallery on his website when I saw the cover and was curious about the two characters.

  3. Tiff, what a great way to discover a book. I've done the same thing. There are a couple more books on his site that have caught my eye and that I intend to track down.

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