Friday, August 21, 2009

D&A time

D&A means delivery and acceptance in publishing parlance. I D'ed my revised manuscript last Friday, and today it has been A'ed. No more edits! Well, there's the copy edit, and who knows what may crop up there, but the book is DONE. I'm so relieved.

Today I also saw the back cover copy, which needed some tweaking, and Diana, Kristin and I talked about cover quotes (that means sending out the manuscript to other authors in the hope that someone will like it and provide a nice quote for the cover) and I sent Diana my bio. Now I have to get a head shot. I know I was talking about this months ago, but I haven't been to a professional photographer since my grade ten school photo, and it's terrifying.

To congratulate myself for being D&A'ed, I am eating Haagen-Dazs's Five/Ginger ice cream straight out of the tub. (Dis iz permitted because I skipped lunch.) It's almost as good as my favorite ice cream in the world: gingerbread flavor from Jock's, Albert Park, Melbourne.


Tez Miller said...

I quite like head shot in your userpic.

When's your next visit to VIC to buy ice-cream? ;-)

Sara Creasy said...

No specific plans to visit right now, but we've made it back every two years so far. And last time I didn't even get to Jock's. I'll make a better effort next time.

Anonymous said...

I am very happy she finished her edits too. But not so happy about ginger ice cream. YUuck!

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