Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What do you do?

House-hunting these past couple of weeks has given me several opportunities to say those words I've always wanted to say. We're looking for a house with a room that can be used as an attractive, conducive-to-writing office (as opposed to just a spare boxy bedroom with no view, or even worse a corner of the living room, which is our current situation).

Our two most promising houses so far do have nice writing rooms - one has a so-called "library" complete with built-in shelves and a sort of priest hole, and the other has a long bay window - both overlooking lovely gardens.

So anyway, each time we walk into a house, the first thing my husband says is "Where's your office?" Which makes the agent say something like "You work from home? What do you do?"

Which means I can say: "I'm a writer."

It would be more accurate to say I work part-time for a dot-com, as that's where the money comes from (the Eos contract is still in the works), but... "I'm a writer." I like saying that.

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