Thursday, April 9, 2009


Last night we played Domaine (board game) for the first time. I grew up on Monopoly and Canasta. I never really got into computer gaming but we have several friends into board games and have a weekly opportunity to play. I am not great with strategy games so my two victories at Domaine must have been sheer luck.

Last week we played Giants (set on Easter Island, and I came last), which has the cutest game pieces I've ever seen. So many games these days cut costs by using wooden cubes for game pieces. We got into Puerto Rico last year, and I headed off to Michaels to buy beads to replace all the cubes that represent the various goods (coffee, indigo, corn, sugar and tobacco):

and purple glass pearls for the colonists (aka slaves):

I'm also writing my own game - science fiction, of course - but I think I need more experience with various game mechanics before I sort out exactly how mine will run.

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