Thursday, March 19, 2009


Earlier this year I switched to a part-time job working from home. Now that I'm home all day, I'm enjoying those delightful interruptions known as marketing phone calls. Recorded messages are ringing me up at least twice a day. Usually I hang up after 0.3 seconds, but I've twice pressed "1" to speak with someone. Both times, when I politely asked the human to remove me from their list, I got an aggressive "No!" and a dead line.

These are not companies I ever asked to call me. They're telling me things like my car warranty is about to expire ("This is your final warning!") or my credit card interest rate is about to increase ("This is your final warning!"). I don't have a car warranty or a credit card and I don't want either. Neither the recorded message nor the human ever identify which company they're calling from, so who do I complain to? How do I make it stop?

Meanwhile, I'm still getting my head around being a housewife and I fear I'm not doing a great job. This morning my husband had only one shirt to wear, which is all he needs but it's the one that's had a dubious stain on it through two washes. We ran out of iced tea yesterday, we're about to run out of milk, and I forgot to bring in the mail or refill a prescription. So right now I'm doing laundry and brewing tea while adding various "errands" (as the Americans call them) to my to-do list for tomorrow.

As for today, I'm ready to start writing!

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