Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hit & miss: 2 movie reviews

Attack the Block

This is a story that could not be told in America. In America the kids in the projects would have guns and the movie would be over in 3 minutes. These kids in the south London "block" (council estate) have kitchen knives and super soakers. Okay, one of them has a samurai sword.

Not much more to say other than this movie is heaps of fun. It's all about the characters, not the ray guns and army tanks (which there are none of either) and has a sort of Pitch Black redemptive flavour to it.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

This is a movie about chimps with anger issues, and misplaced anger at that. I recall the cinematic trailer being quite intense, but the movie has none of the epic feel of the classic series (to which it's a prequel - not of the stupid recent version set on another planet, but of the original). The plot is pure Disney. It's Project X on speed and Free Willy with machine guns. 


Lynn August Linse said...

So you liked the first, not the second?

I haven't seen the first, but I also thought the second was 'yah a story', but not very epic or compelling. Far too predictable & that magic gas ...

As for your Kindle problems - a general comment about 2.4Ghz (aka: what WiFi and many home phones use) is that nothing prevents a home phone or wireless headphone from trashing your WiFi bands and disconnecting everything. Go on the internet and you'll find other folks asking "Why does my notebook lose Internet every time my phone rings?"

It could be something in a neighboring house (or the local 'roos' going modern!) You could try changing your WiFi channel to another band - query the web for details as I can't say how WiFi works down-under.

Sara Creasy said...

Thanks for the wi-fi tips. After googling I did realise it's a common problem although nothing I tried worked. I'll look into our wi-fi.

Keith Stevenson said...

'Free Willy with Machine Guns' - now there's a movie I'd pay good money to see!

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