Monday, May 14, 2012

Aurealis Awards - and the winner is...

Unfortunately we didn't make it to the Aurealis Awards in Sydney this year - but I did watch the tweets from the ceremony, so thanks to those who let their fingers do the talking.

Children of Scarabaeus didn't win, but a very interesting-sounding book did. (I say interesting-sounding because I haven't read - or at least completed - a novel in ages, so any time a recent SF novel is mentioned, you can count on me not having read it even if I've heard of it and want to read it.) Best SF Novel went to The Courier's New Bicycle by Kim Westwood - it's set in Melbourne, which is yet another reason to read it, and from the blurb sounds like a cross between the Dark Angel TV show and Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash, with some love, mystery and religion thrown in.

Congratulations, Kim!


  1. That sounds like something I want to read! Now I just have to see if it's available in the American market....

  2. that does sound intresting, thanx for tellin us about it, i finf it hard 2 find books i like.
    By the way, i just finished reading children of scarabaeus-LOVED it! jumped straight on the web 2 see if there was another in the series, devestated u havent finished it yet but at least i discovered ur blog! lol. Looking forward with eager anticipation for ur next book :)

  3. Glad you liked the book, Gil. My next one may take a while longer - a toddler in the house takes up most of my former writing time!