Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Interview and Aussie giveaway at Kylie Griffin's blog

Today there's another Aussie giveaway of Children of Scarabaeus over at Kylie Griffin's blog, along with an interview with yours truly.

Don't forget these giveaways that are still running: - win Children of Scarabaeus (closes 15 April)
Literary Escapism - win Children of Scarabaeus, Song of Scarabaeus, and a signed bookmark (closes 12 April)
Tez Says- win signed Children of Scarabaeus and Song of Scarabaeus (Aussies only, closes 14 April)
Reading Between the Wines - win one of two signed Children of Scarabaeus bookmarks (closes 22 April)


Mardel said...

I finished reading Children of Scarabaeus and enjoyed it very much. I wanted to go back and re-read Song of Scarabaeus...but I have so many books waiting for me to read.

I'm wondering now, are you planning a third? or are you going to write about different people now? I really love the mix of sci-fi and story...and how you don't go overboard with the's just the right amount without getting to....well, it seemed just right for the book. Really enjoyed both of your novels, and hope to read more from you.

Sara Creasy said...

Hi Mardel - glad you liked the book and I really appreciate your comments. I don't have more books in this series planned at the moment. I'm writing something else now, the same genre - hopefully with a different set of characters you'll enjoy following.

Mardel said...

well, if it involves space, planets and gadgets, I'm in. :) Looking forward to it. Any idea when it might be out? Months? a year?

I'm happy!

Sara Creasy said...

First things first - I have to write it and then sell it!

Mardel said...

LOL - I already had you printing it! wishful thinking there. I hope you get it sold, I love the way you wrote your Scarabaeus novels. It would also be fun to read more of some of those characters, like the children that Edie helped to free.

Well, you have a fertile brain there, so I'll try to be patient and wait for you to finish and sell your next book. LOL - hoping it sells, and fast. *g*, no pressure, though. :)

Good luck with it.

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