Thursday, January 6, 2011

Poster-sized inspiration

Check out my new wall art... I had posters made of both my covers and they're now hanging over my desk. They look all glossy and amazing. I included some surrounding bits of my workspace for scale. (To the right is baby's mobile that's too delicate for her to be near, much as she loves to tug on the emu's foot, so it goes on the wall as well.)


  1. Those are awesome. Your cover art is so beautiful, it's easy to see why you'd want to be able to look at them for inspiration as you work. I'm checking off the days until March when my pre-ordered copy of Children will ship!

  2. FYI (warning: plug ahead) I had these done at, a printer in Hong Kong that often has special deals for personalized photo books, key chains, mousepads, etc. I ordered 3 posters for $16 total, which is a fantastic deal. The trick is to make what you want on their site and then wait for a deal before actually buying it.

  3. twelvedaysold, just looking at your profile pic... Have you seen these posters?

  4. I love the covers to your books, Chris McGrath is one of my favorite cover artists so its always great when the two worlds collide!

    Hmm I do need new wall art...