Monday, September 20, 2010


We are in Australia, starting our new life. Baby Sophie is taking it all in stride. Her parents have a little more work to do. Her dad is looking for a job. Her mom/mum is trying to decide whether to switch to Aussie spelling on this blog. Perhaps I should stick with American because I write my books that way.

I don't know if I've come home. Tucson had become my home in that I felt settled, but I was most definitely a foreigner. Australia, where I've spent most of my life, was supposed to be home but I always felt like a British import. England, where I spent my formative years, felt foreign when I went back there in the mid-90s to work for a year. I realized the reason for that was that I missed the 80s, so my peers weren't quite my peers.

Let's see how this all works out.


Tez Miller said...

Sophie's mum is Australian, thus she is Mum ;-)

As for spelling, just type what naturally flows from your fingers.

Sorry to hear you felt like an import here in Oz. Hopefully this time around people will be nicer, and you'll feel right at home.

And I suppose you heard the good news that Eos will be merging with HarperVoyager? You'll have your next novel published here, instead of just imported! :-) I saw your SONG OF SCARABAEUS cover flat in Rendezvous the other week - I'll sure the staff would be happy to have you sign some stock come Book 2's publication :-)

Mardel said...

Best wishes to you and yours in your new/old home.

I think once you leave any place, it's hard to feel like it's home anymore, especially when you've spent years away.

My mom moved fron Central America to California and lived here for 40 years (or 42). She missed Panama the whole time she lived here. Then she moved back and ever since she's just wanted to come back to the states. She doesn't quite feel part of original family, she doesn't feel like a native anymore. When she comes to the U.S for visits, she also feels different and her accent is very strong.

Things are always changing.

Looking forward to your sequel, also.

Sara Creasy said...

It's the accent that's a constant giveaway. Mine is such a mix that I have to give my life story just to explain it.

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