Thursday, July 29, 2010

MCP's agent

All can now be revealed. Actually, MCP has already revealed it on his blog yesterday and I couldn't steal his thunder. But this is relevant to me in more ways than one. Firstly, he's my husband so I have as much interest in his career as in my own!

Secondly, his new agent is... none other than my agent, Kristin Nelson. She offered him representation after reading a science fiction book that he actually wrote for yours truly a couple of years ago. Prior to that he was (and still is) working on a fantasy trilogy. He's extremely widely read in both SF and F, about a hundred times more so than me (literally) and he's an amazing writer. His first drafts are more polished than my seventh and take half the time to write. So expect copious and fascinating works of speculative fiction from MC Planck in the future.

We are Kristin's first husband-and-wife client pair. Interesting times!

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MCPlanck said...

All those wonderful reviews she gets, and she still thinks *I'm* the amazing writer?

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