Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Supernatural Underground giving away my book

I was supposed to blog at Supernatural Underground today (the blog for HarperCollins paranormal authors) but simply didn't have the time or inspiration with a 3-week-old to take care of. In my absence, Tracey O'Hara very kindly wrote a post about science fiction and is giving away a copy of Song of Scarabaeus:

Check out the comments on Tracey's post - it's wonderful to read so many positive and enthusiastic ravings about science fiction movies and TV shows. There's also a healthy dose of commiseration regarding the cancellation of Firefly. (Is there a support group?)


Anonymous said...

Not sure FireFly was around long enough to need support groups :)

Since we don't have cable, I only saw it on NetFlix (& I think they have it for instant streaming now).

One humorous oddity - I was at some ABC talk at Disney a few weeks ago, and in a quiz show they showed a picture of Nathan Fillion (Capt Reynolds) & asked what TV serial he's a star on. Of course, all I could remember is FireFly ... but the right answer was Desperate Housewives (a show I've never seen).

Sara Creasy said...

His current series is Castle! It's a pretty generic police procedural show but he makes it worth watching.

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