Sunday, May 2, 2010

Song on the stand

It's me! In Barnes & Noble! With Song of Scarabaeus! I was thrilled to see it out there on the new releases stand. My husband forced me to ask the clerk if I could sign them (I was going to call first and arrange it) and she was happy to pull out her "Autographed Copy" stickers and let me do it. (Photo was taken before the stickers went on.)

So if you're out and about in Tucson, head to the B&N on Broadway & Rosemont and grab a signed copy.

Next we tried Borders at Park Place, but there were none to be found. The clerk checked the computer and told us they have a shipment on the way. I'll go back next week to see about signing those.

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Himani said...

Aaargh! I wish I'd known! I usually shop at that B&N, but I picked up your book from a Phoenix B&N while I was there visiting relatives. *cry* Maybe I'll sneak over to B&N tomorrow and see if there's any signed copies left. <_<

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