Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Review time!

This morning my editor sent along my Publishers Weekly review for Song of Scarabaeus - that's the one Amazon uses in its product descriptions, so naturally I hoped for a good one.

Well, to my great surprise I not only got a good review, but a starred review! Here are the first and last sentences (the middle being the plot summary):

"This brilliantly conceived debut heralds a significant new talent... Creasy's convincing scientific speculation, appealing characterizations, and eerie alien landscapes make this science fiction romance deeply satisfying."

The entire review is here (near the bottom of the page): Publishers Weekly review

The second good thing to happen this morning was that the hummingbird feeder I set out yesterday, right outside my office window, attracted its first tiny visitor! I bought the feeder for $4.99 from PetSmart because I'd seen a hummingbird hovering around our flowers. I expected it would take longer for the birds to find it, but they're smarter - or hungrier - than I thought.

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