Saturday, December 5, 2009

My first fan

Linnea Sinclair, who writes sexy science fiction romance/adventure novels (Gabriel's Ghost is my favorite), has added Song of Scarabaeus to her goodreads page with a five-star review! She also provided some lovely quotes to my editor that I think will end up on the cover of my book.

I haven't done much reading in the last 12 months and I really regret that - time to add Linnea's latest couple of books to my Christmas list.


Ellen Brickley said...

Hi Sara, I found your blog through Kristin Nelson. I'm really enjoying all of your posts - good luck with the release, I hope it does well!

Alao, I had never seen a picture of Lichfield Cathedral before, it's really beautiful!

Sara Creasy said...

Thanks, Ellen! I'm about to get my cover flats, the next exciting step... can't wait to see them.

Anonymous said...

The excellent and duly message.

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