Saturday, July 11, 2009

Edit letter

Today my editor Diana Gill sent the "edit letter" for Song of Scarabaeus. The hardcopy with line-edits will follow in the mail.

The reassuring part of this process is that Diana says it does not need a lot of work. Of course, once my manuscript has been written, revised and done with, to my mind, any further changes feel like a lot of work to me. Most of the work will be on characterization, and for the umpteenth time I need to rewrite the ending a little.

I have a month to get this done, and then about 3 months to finish the sequel. And I have a date for publication: May 2010!


Tez Miller said...

Another milestone - you're almost an adult now ;-)

P.S. That should be May 2010, not 2009. Unless you're a time-traveller ;-)

Sara Creasy said...

Eek (and I wish!). Thanks - I fixed it.

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