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Wynter Wild Inspiration playlist

Little Sister Song on Wattpad has just hit 150,000 reads since I started publishing it in December 2018 - beyond my wildest expectations! I'll be posting a few blogs to celebrate.
I don't often listen to music while writing (especially not songs with lyrics) but when I'm plotting, or playing out scenes in my head searching for ideas, I have some favorite songs I keep going back to. These songs don't necessarily reflect how I imagine my fictional musical family would sound, but for various reasons the music inspired me.

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So, why these songs? A few notes... 

Rule212 inspirations
I haven't found the "perfect" song for this band but the following either sound a bit like them (not the singers necessarily, but the feel and beat) or lyrically remind me of something going on in their lives:
  • I Bet My Life - reminds me of the “feel” of the band's finale song ("a love song to each other")
  • Castle - for the girl power!
  • Whole Lotta Love - Santana/Chris Cornell version - I admit I prefer this to the original (blasphemy!) and can imagine the band covering this at a gig or just for fun (during quarantine lockdown, for example?)
  • Part That's Holding On - Remember when Wynter couldn't get through Transgressions at the charity gig (book 8)? This might be the song she was singing.
  • Farewell - something about the chugging guitars in this song make me think of Rule212 (NOTE a couple of the bands listed are Christian bands but Rule212 isn't Christian, despite what Wikipedia says)
Wynter's songs
  • The Ever - makes me think of Wynter's journey through the outside world
  • I Am You - I love the idea of Wynter singing this to any of her brothers ("charms on a chain"...)
  • Hold Me Now - Another one Wynter might sing to Caleb or Indio
Indio's songs
  • I Won't Run Away - Indio's repeated promise to Wynter that he won't run from her darkness came from listening to this song
  • Torn to Pieces - insert generic Indio heartbreak here, whether romantic or maternal
  • The High Road - a moderately angry song that represents Indio's teenage and college life
Jesse's Songs
  • Be Alright - for some reason this song makes me think of Jesse, although he'd never actually write it 
  • Starlight - gotta have a space-themed song for Jesse, maybe when he was pining for Dusk
Caleb's songs
  • The Blues - in his bluesy songs Jay Smith maybe sounds like Caleb
  • Blue on Black and This Night perfectly reflect his solemn mood toward the end of book 9
  • Dust to Dust - if Kim was a singer, which she's not, she might sing this with Caleb
Wynter & Indio
  • Say Something (singing about Miriam, of course) - I like this Boyce Avenue cover although the voices aren't Indio & Wynter, I just think the sentiment fits
  • Hate & LoveTemple of Thought and The Messenger are three beautiful songs that make me think of (dare I say it) Wyndio and their complicated relationship
  • The Honeymoon is Over - purely for the guitars, because it sounds like a little ditty these two might jam on
I will add to the list if I find more songs.

I've shared other playlists here:
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