Friday, March 13, 2020

A cute baby

For those of you less familiar with babies or who don't remember (like me!) what they are like at different ages, click on the image above for a 20-second video of a baby the same age as the one you might be reading about if you're reading my books.

I swear this isn't just an excuse to post my supercute baby! This was almost ten years ago, on her aunty's knee and on a playmat. I watched these old videos to get a feel for how big she was and what she was capable of - which of course wasn't much, but at this age she was very interactive and smiley, and randomly batting toys around with jerky coordination. (I muted the sound so you don't hear my relatives talking about mundane rubbish in the background.)

In the chapter that goes up tomorrow on Wattpad, the baby is given a bath. I used this bucket-bath for my daughter although in the book a regular tub is used, and the bath is not enjoyed. When a baby is enjoying a bath, this is what they look like:

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