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Wynter Wild Series Timeline (pre book 1)

Once my Wynter Wild series started approaching the half-million-word count a couple of years ago, and I decided to make the effort to turn it all into books, I realized I was going to have to start keeping very detailed notes, especially with the timeline.

The story is linear but characters frequently mention past events. To make everything consistent, I kept a spreadsheet of events in the characters' lives. While writing book 6, which introduces backstory from the previous generation, I took the timeline all the way back to 1963 when Bill Brown and Sylvia Heathcote (Ellie's parents) got married in Vermont.

Below is the timeline of events prior to the start of Little Sister Song (book 1). Note that there are major spoilers here from books 1 to 7. Coming up next will be the timeline that the first few books cover.

1963William Brown & Sylvia Heathcote get married
1964FebWalter born
1966Harry born, MT
1968AprMiriam Wild born, Phoenixville PA
1969DecEmmanuelle (Ellie) born, Burlington VT
1971MarPatricia born
1975Ember Morant born, Australia
1976Katrina born
1979Lawrence running newsletter out of home with Ellie's help
1981Lawrence is sent away
1983Walter (19) starts college
1984Harry joins Army
1985Abner founds the Light at commune in AZ
MayWalter (21) dies, Ellie (15) runs away
1986AprMiriam ends up in Montana. Bill moves back to WA after divorce
1987FebHarry (20) & Miriam (18) meet (Anaconda)
MayHarry stationed in Germany (for 2 years)
1988JanCaleb born, Anaconda MT
1989MayHarry returns from Germany and meets Caleb
JunHarry discharged from army, he and Miriam live with his parents
1990JanCaleb turns 2, photo of him on trike with Miriam
MarMiriam & Harry get married. Miriam dabbling in the Light while pregnant
SepIndio & Joy born, Anaconda
1991JanCaleb turns 3
SepTwins turn 1
DecCaleb gets a parking garage for Xmas
1992JanCaleb turns 4
SepTwins turn 2
1993JanCaleb turns 5
SepCaleb (5) starts Kindergarten. Twins turn 3
OctHarry promoted to senior grounds manager at school
1994JanCaleb turns 6
AprSan Diego retreat (3 months) where Harry meets Ember, a student in CA
JunJesse born, Billings MT
AugMiriam throws out Harry (kids are 6, 3, 3, 0). Patricia (23) joins Bill in WA and builds diner
SepTwins turn 4
1995JanCaleb turns 7
FebXay born, California, grows up in Australia
JunJesse turns 1
SepTwins turn 5, seesaw gift
1996JunMiriam and kids move to Bozeman, MT (nr County Detention Center)
SepMiriam and kids move to Great Falls, MT (pink clapboard house). Twins start Kindergarten
DecChristmas with Fairn grandparents, build an igloo
1997JanMiriam & kids move to Missoula, MT (patio & claw-foot tub). Caleb starts piano lessons
MarMiriam leaves kids alone for 5 days (9, 6, 6, 2 years old)
MayTwins' Kindergarten concert, Miriam doesn't show
JunMiriam leaves boys w Harry (works as prison guard). Miriam, Joy, & Malcolm live at ashram
1998MarWynter & Deedee born, Malcolm leaves Miriam soon after. Indio (7) has playdates with Esmerelda who has a silver goldfish
JunHarry fired as prison guard, buys Indio a guitar
1999MarWynter & Deedee turn 1
JunJesse's 5th birthday - pancake tacos and Tarzan
SepJesse starts Kindergarten
2000JanAbner leaves ashram. Xay starts Kindergarten in Australia
AugHarry and boys camping at Lost Creek State Park
2002JanIndio brings home a stray dog, Skar
MayEmber calls Harry from Australia (Xay is 7)
JunCharlie Bryant visits ashram and writes first article
JulSkar "runs away" while Indio & Jesse camping. Harry buys Jesse a drum kit
AugDeedee dies
SepCaleb starts high school, Indio starts 6th grade, Jesse starts 3rd grade
2003MarCaleb takes Suzanne Norris to school dance, Harry sells family home and rents trailer home
AprHarry moves to Seattle, leaving boys to finish school year
JulCaleb (15) drives brothers (12 & 9) to new home in Columbia City, Seattle
AugFairn family visits Patty's Diner. Caleb switches to bass guitar. Zoe abuses Indio
SepCaleb assaults Zoe. Jesse meets Marcus in 4th grade. Wynter should be starting Kindergarten
NovCaleb dates Anita Green for a few months
2004SepCaleb (16) starts 11th grade, Indio (14) starts 8th, Jesse (10) starts 5th
2005SepIndio starts high school, starts a sketch book
2006AprCaleb's senior prom, learns the country swing
JunCaleb graduates high school
SepIndio (16) disappears for 5 days heading to AZ
NovCaleb starts USCG basic training, after which he's mostly absent for 4 years
2007NovCaleb deployed to Antarctica for 4 months
2008AprMiriam moves to Thailand. Indio dating Frances Feeney
MayCaleb deployed to Alaska. Indio goes to juvie for assault (15 weeks)
JunJesse turns 14, spends the summer in Marcus's home
SepJesse starts high school. Indio turns 18 (pop rocks from Jesse), meets Jenny
2009JanJenny turns 17, Indio gives her sheet music
MayCaleb deployed to West African coast for 2 months
JunIndio graduates high school. Jesse (15) starts working at mini-golf
JulCaleb home on leave, Eve Whittington's beach party
AugCaleb starts dating Chloe for 2 years
SepIndio freshman at Ohio State, meets Turk
2010JanCaleb turns 22, 4th year in USCG
MarWynter turns 12
JunIndio briefly dates Jenny while home for summer. Boys record Fairn Bros CD
JulJesse dates Meg from mini-golf
DecIndio arrested in Buffalo NY. Caleb assigned to Seattle base, kicks Harry out
2011JanXay starts 11th grade in Australia. Caleb buys a motorcycle
FebJoy and Sean get married this year
MarCaleb vists Indio in Ohio
MayWynter (13) meets Xay and Roman (16) who just moved to ashram with Ember
2012JanXay would be starting 12th grade in Australia
FebXay turns 17, gives himself snowflake tattoo
MarWynter turns 14
AprCaleb (24) starts dating Bea
JunJesse graduates high school, Indio home for first time in 2 years
JulXay gives Wynter cogwheel tattoo. Xay & Ember leave ashram, settle in CA. Roman runs away a few months later
SepJesse (18) freshman at U of Washington, Indio (22) senior at Ohio. Wynter should be starting high school. Retreat in AZ opens to public
DecIndio moves to Portland, home for Xmas having missed last 3. Caleb gives Bea a backup drive for Xmas. Jesse's honey & TP incident at Portland State
2013JanWynter & Joy escape ashram. Wynter knocks on Caleb's door

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