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Wynter Wild Series Timeline (books 1-7)

Following on from the last post's timeline of events before book 1 started, here's the timeline for the major events of books 1-7. Note: There are spoilers here for those books, although I've avoided giving away too much. If you've read the books, then reading the event should trigger a reminder of "what really happened".

I keep a detailed spreadsheet with a separate column for each major character, and a day-by-day accounting of events. For example, here's a screenshot showing the entries for book 1 (and some of book 2) (click to enlarge):

By keeping track of the actual day when things happen, I can develop the story around key dates like school semesters, holidays, birthdays, etc. It might look mind-numbingly pedantic (and, well, it is) but it makes it so much easier to keep track of the passage of time. It also helps with consistency (I'm probably the only person who notices!) for things like when Indio's 6-month driving license suspension started and ended.

So, here's a simplified timeline of the major events from books 1-7, provided as a reference for readers who want to see where everything slots in.

JanBOOK 1 Joy & Wynter escape ashram. Wynter arrives in Seattle, plays music w brothers, goes into foster care, starts school. Caleb turns 25. Indio fails to show for Seattle visit, where they look at photos. He meets Joy. Wynter’s lies at school revealed. Caleb & Jesse visit her at Rosa’s.
FebFelicity contacts Wynter. Joy takes Wynter to get passports. Caleb bails out Indio. Thailand plans fall apart, Wynter contacts Roman and runs away. Indio brings her back.
MarBOOK 2 Wynter turns 15, Fairn Boys gig at Patty’s. Wynter recruits Clockwork Toys. Jesse & Wynter argue about study, play cards.
AprIndio rescues Wynter from Stacey’s sleepover, meets Rosa. Seattle visit, everything goes wrong, Caleb deployed. Wynter misses bus to visit Light office, Caleb drives her back. Jesse attends Harry’s wedding, loses cash.
MayHarry punches Jesse at Indio’s gig. Wynter gives Rosa a Mother’s Day gift. Science Fair - she scammed the Light to buy back guitar.
JunClockwork Toys play at graduation, Indio attends. Jesse & Caleb take Wynter on bike ride & carnival overnight. Wynter goes to Greece. Jesse turns 19.
JulBack home, they visit Joy at Light office. BBQ with Mateo’s family. Indio goes on tour, hooks up w Charity.
AugCustody hearing, Wynter goes on strike. Caleb & Jesse visit. Indio visits after Seattle gig, Wynter goes home to recuperate.
BOOK 3 Jilly's party. Caleb breaks up w Bea.
SepIndio turns 23, visits Wynter at new foster home. Joy tells Wynter about Xay. Indio fetches kittens, Joy attacks Wynter over teddy bear. Caleb injured in fire in Guam.
OctCaleb recuperating. Halloween - Jesse takes them trick-or-treating in Enumclaw.
NovIndio's Thanksgiving gig in Portland.
DecXmas Eve: Joy visits Wynter in van. Wynter watches movie with Indio. Cabin, Joy has gone back to AZ. Igloo hotbox, brothers discover Wynter's scars. Wynter visits Harry with Patricia. She tells brothers about Xay.
JanIndio takes Wynter to visit Harry, who gives Caleb money for down payment.
FebThey buy house on Tiger Mountain. Caleb fosters Wynter. Caleb hospitalized with pneumonia.
MarJournalist shows Wynter photo of Deedee. Caleb is medically discharged from USCG. Camping trip: Wynter remembers what happened to Deedee. Wynter's 16th birthday, Indio ashamed of his feelings. They show Indio the new house.
BOOK 4 Visit new high school. Move into new house, Luke does security. Indio finally visits, Jesse figures him out. Caleb's date with Nicole.
AprWynter joins Crunch. Rain sends pic of twin. Indio flies to London. Costume party w Luke. Rule212 is named. Wynter works at mini-golf for 1 week. Wynter makes cable whip. Caleb goes to Tucson w Anita. Wynter starts dating Eric.
MaySign contract and save tower. Videocall w Indio in London, who is dating Claire. Wynter sleeps w Eric.
JunWynter breaks up w Eric, Jesse w Marcus. Caleb hires PI. Wynter calls Indio who is extending his stay, gets tattoo. Crunch gig, she has sex w Beck. Fight w Caleb over emancipation, lines on wall revealed. Beach house vacation, Jesse's 20th birthday, Sean shows up to say a body was found. [Xay graduates high school.]
JulWynter starts teaching all-girl guitar class. Goats arrive.
BOOK 5 Wynter goes to London to record w Calhuun. Caleb asks Indio to move home. Jesse meets Scott. Wynter puts together Mail Order Chicks, Jesse drums for them.
AugWynter sees Jenny at E Sharp. Indio moves home. Bea is getting married, Caleb calls Olivia. Wynter berates Harry for donating piano. MOC plays 2 gigs, Wynter has double-date w Scott. Olivia visits Caleb while others are camping & smoking weed. Miriam calls. Boys meet Miriam, build Goat Mountain. Indio takes Wynter to meet Miriam. Caleb shows Harry love letters from Malcolm. Jesse starts housesitting w Lucy.
SepXay starts college, W starts senior year. Indio turns 24. Wynter’s ENT appointment. Olivia gets drunk. Indio meets Jenny at rehearsal. Wynter rescues Indio from bar, meets Shelley. Wynter, Indio & Jesse sleepover at Lucy’s. Emancipation hearing. Wynter tells Indio about lye incident. Les Buckaroo gig at Patty’s, Indio & Jenny get together. Caleb tells siblings about Miriam’s past. Piano is delivered.
OctBOOK 6 Wynter sits SAT, plays Elsa at Jesse’s DJ party. Jesse picks up chickens, Wynter asks Harry for money. Indio & Wynter buy bulbs. Photoshoot for Rule212. Wynter asks Indio to buy plane ticket for Jesse. Halloween party at Jenny’s, Jesse meets Dusk, Indio upset over Wynter’s encounter.
NovEmails from Calliope begin. Buy Nessie. Caleb goes w Jesse to Vermont, Jesse contacts Malcolm. Rule212 starts playing gigs. Album released. Patty’s diner for sale. Cookies left at old house, Wynter calls Scott over.
DecFBI knocks, Indio & Wynter sing karaoke, forest walk. FBI interview. Patricia cuts out Miriam when the truth comes out. Dead chicken, Luke comes over. Xmas Eve – Jenny dumps Indio. Xmas Day – Wynter confronts Indio who leaves.
BOOK 7 Xay doing winter solstice prep. Dwayne Orion gig, Jesse tells Caleb about Wynter & Indio. Xay goes to San Francisco for NYE. Jesse & Wynter go on road trip, Wynter gets hurt backstage.
JanIndio & Jesse fight, they go home, Caleb & Indio demolish wall, Indio buzzes hair. Ember dies, Xay calls Roman’s dad, finds Cranberry. Wynter puts up forcefield. Wynter meets Gideon at gig. Shooting range, Dusk flirting. Indio plays at MOC audition, revisits site of assault.
FebXay turns 20, meets Roxy. Jesse spies on Wynter’s date w Gideon. Indio hosts Valentine’s dinner, Wynter hosts sleepover. Tour is on! Family reunion in Vermont – build igloo, discover Lawrence’s secret. Back home they build stone arch.
MarWynter gets guitar for 17th birthday. MOC gig – Indio & Wynter fight over Gideon, he goes to Portland. Xay hears Wynter’s voice on the radio.
AprCaleb takes Indio to Highvale for job. Xay figures out who his father is. Prom night – Gideon thrown out, Jesse confronts intruders and is arrested. Caleb learns Wynter fired gun. Search for Ripley.
MayThey learn Gideon’s story. Jesse is a hero. Ripley returns, Jesse leveled up. Xay flies to Seattle.

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