Monday, April 8, 2019

Little Sister Song - paperback edition

If you like the feel of a book in your hand... Little Sister Song is now available as a paperback edition at most Amazon marketplaces (check your local site):

Buy at Amazon US
Buy at Amazon UK

Unfortunately, Amazon Australia doesn't offer this service so my Aussie readers will have to order from Amazon US and pay shipping. Even I wasn't able to order a proof copy, so please let me know if you do order the book and discover something horribly wrong with it!

I worked for many years as an editor, helping to create books with other people's names on the cover. I remember the thrill of receiving my box of author copies of Song of Scarabaeus and holding in my hands a book with my name on the cover.

And this time, the book with my name on the cover is one I wrote, edited, and formatted as an indie publisher!

My current blog series looks in-depth at formatting your manuscript for a print book,
especially where the requirements differ from ebooks. I hope my experience with publishing houses and as a freelancer helps you create a paperback of your own. This comes with the caveat that I'm not a designer, but I've been using Word for decades and it is possible to create a professional-looking book interior with this software... as long as you're aware of exactly what you're aiming for.

The above image was created using a free 3D book cover creator. You'll find several options online for doing this (mine comes from Adazing)... and it allows me to make one of those lovely (fake) bookstagram-style layouts like this:

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